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Summer Year IV
Aug. 4th - Sept. 15th


Welcome to Yavania! This is a multi-species animal roleplay that offers many types of magic, the option to purchase fantasy traits for your character's appearance, free-form realm creation, and even more buyables. We have no overall plot, and we allows the members to drive the game. Join us and help write the story! We'd love to have you. See the Overview Page for a quick summary of important information. Questions? Pop into c-box! We love guests. <3

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08.18 - Thanks to all who have participated in voting for blessing and OTS and congratulations to the winners! The posting contest is over at the end of the month, so keep at it, everyone! Good luck! <3

08.08 - Summer Y4 is here! Age your characters and check out all the fun OC events. Also, RL summer is coming to an end; don't get discouraged as roleplayers start school and replies slow down a bit. It's just that time of the year. <3

06.22 - Spring Y4 is here! Make sure to age your characters, check out the seasonal activities, and give the new C-Box Filter Game a try. :)

05.15 - Check out our new Character Recompense feature in Updates. <3

05.10 - The season has changed once again! Enjoy all of the activities and make sure to age your characters!

05.04 - Staff is hard at work bringing you quests, plagues, more treats! In addition, we are currently revising the land descriptions. So keep an eye out for those. Additionally, take a look at Staff Tryouts if you feel like you wanna help us keep Yava great. <3

04.12 - Thanks to a suggestion and lots of staff work, we now have a Forage option for characters! Have fun. This is a new system, so we are seeing how it's received/used. To go with it, we've released some magical herbs which can be found on the Herb Guide. <3

03.31 - Activity Points are now up and running! PLEASE read about them on the rules! If you have questions after reading, don't hesitate to ask. <3

03.29 - It's now Fall of Year 3. Don't forget to age your characters by 0.25 years! <3

03.06 - Check out our new buyables on the Points & Buyables Page!

02.06 - Check out the Speed guide. We did some editing to make it more realistic. <3

Past Announcements Here

08.16 - After battling their way out of King Taavetti's grasp, Nashad Prince, Lucien Tyran, and their family seek out Finnegan O'Connor, the leopard who took it upon himself to look after the ex-Gryphus youth. They find Finnegan as he claims Cedar Valley for Gryphus, but his accession to king is not without its bumps. When he tries to hand the throne back to Nashad and Lucien, Nashad convinces him to keep the throne so he can focus on helping his family recover. Aodhán O'Denehy, a stallion and ex-heir of Forélvér, joins Gryphus as a baron to be with King Finnegan, his friend. With Nashad and Lucien settling on being dukes, how will the reestablished realm fair with an inexperienced, unwilling, but well-meaning king?

In Flattop Tepui, Queen Sive Dame and Zarak Ragnarök are blessed with a single son they name Koðrán. The result of a one night stand, how will the duo take to raising a pup together? With Erebus O'Harke, Sive's closest friend, jealous, what does the future hold for the small, rebellious realm of Gargan?

Meanwhile, a prejudice family of tigers makes their way into Yavania. Taking offense to the civilized conversation between a feline (a cheetah named Flói Víkina) and a canine (a wolf name Barsad Arak), Rabastan, Rudolphus, and Antonin LeStrange attack the duo with the aid of Bellatrix Black. Flói and Barsad die while Lucious and Narcissa Malfoy watch in amusement, the first casualties of the LeStrange-Black family.

Across Yavania, Verja Queen Frigga Dame-Fritjov grew weary of the mental link she accidentally formed with Beau Ambroise. In an attempt to overcome her past, she calls a meeting in which she hands the throne over to her eldest surviving daughter, Asta. King Stark Dame is not pleased with her decision to leave, to travel Yavania, but he allows it. In the second land she explores, Frigga finds herself in the midst of chaos. A pony from Aexurid, Angus Griffith, comes to speak with her but is quickly approached by a group of tigers. Queen Arabella Griffith joins them and, weary of felines, demands her brother leave with her. Allona Igneel starts the battle, one she perceives to be a mere hunt, attacking the pregnant Queen, who manages to flee when many of her members (Brógàin O'Dàily, Tamukula Afyuni, and Emu) come to the aid of her and her brother. Lucious, Antonin, Rabastan, Bellatrix, and Allona kill Brógàin, Angus, and Tamukula. While they do, Narcissa takes Frigga hostage and Rodolphus takes Beau prisoner when he shows up to try to aid her.

The horrors of the LeStrange family don't stop there. When a hybrid leopard named Severus catches Lucious' attention, he kidnaps him and lets the LeStrange brothers hurt him to make him more compliant. The family's actions catch King Taavetti's attention and he successfully invites the group to join Monarchia, to catch and maintain the realm's slaves. Soon after, when Rodolphus attempts to hostage and rape a lioness named Munja, Knight Amyntor of Namaste (formerly Forélvér), a bunny with a variety of magic, comes to her aid. Logan Howlett, a wolverine and friend of Amyntor, jumps in to aid her. Unfortunately for the trio, Rodolphus wins, and the bunny knight and wolverine join the fallen.

Lola, a resident of Namaste, travels to Cedar Valley to talk with Aodhán, but she finds herself stalked and attacked by Hunter Arin of Gryphus. Unaware that the doe is special, Arin hunts Lola and nearly kills her. Namaste Queen Monique shows as does Gryphus Duke Nashad. Peaceful negotiations are reached and Lola is released. What will this misunderstanding mean for future relations between Gryphus and Namaste?

Without warning, Defros appears in the Divine Lands, intending to launch a new attack on the mortals. Syuna comes to stop him, but Mother Earth stops them both. Tired of their antics, she shatters their souls and scatters them across the Divine Lands, binding their magic, and letting the mortals decide if they should be restored. What will Yavania's creatures decide to do? Fires start in the dry grasslands in the South, killing Amir and Siwatu Jaali.

Amari Olev stumbles across a fox from Aexurid named Bella and hostages her, perhaps wanting a friend. Augustine Griffith, an Aexurid member, sees this and attacks Amari to free Bella. Arkham Duchess Harleen Quin is enraged at the attack on her hyena babe and kills the Aexurid pony with Amari. Not long after, Amari stumbles across a fox named Joker, Arkham King Jougo's hostage, who is speaking threats towards the realm that holds him captive. Enraged, Amari drowns him in the ocean at Harleen's prompting.

Phoenix attempts to claim Mushroom Hollow but fails when the appropriate amount of followers refuse to show. When Monique shows, trying to negotiate with an apparent new realm, her baron, Charleston Hughes follows. Brimming, one of Phoenix's followers, mentally insults the pair as he departs, something the psychic cheetah, Charleston, picks up on. He and Monique dominance match the old wolf with Duke Anjay of the Verja joining in. Everyone departs from the battle unharmed, save perhaps for Brimming's pride.

When Solomon Gred trespasses on Arkham land, Amari attacks and kill him in defense while Bella, her hostage, watches. Is the teenage hyena taking a darker turn with Harleen as her mentor? With all the disappearances of her family members, Queen Arabella Griffith comes to fear for Aexurid and her newborn son's Daniel's, safety. Paranoia from the attack keeps her from leaving her borders. Afraid, she takes what little is left of her realm to try to join Namaste under Queen Monique. How will the merge go?

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